Terbium, is a chemical element with the symbol Tb and atomic number 65. It is a silvery-white rare earth metal that is malleableductile and very hard. It is primarily used in phosphors, particularly in fluorescent lamps and as the high intensity green emitter used in projection televisions, such as the yttrium-aluminum-garnet (Tb:YAG) variety.Terbium responds efficiently to x-ray excitation and is, therefore, used as an x-ray phosphor.Terbium alloys are also used in magneto-optic recording films, such as TbFeCo.

Terbium OxideCeramics; Phosphors
Terbium MetalMagnets; Specialty Alloys; Nuclear industry

Terbium Oxide

Tb4O7/TREO min%TREO min%La2O3/TREO max%CeO2/TREO max%Fe2O3 max%CuO max%CaO max%

Terbium Metal

Tb/TREM min%TREM min%Sm/TREM max%Dy/TREM max%Ho/TREM max%Gd/TREM max%Fe max%Ca max%Si max%

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