Refractory Minerals


With the founder’s over 20 years experience in the refractory market, DANTEK is partnering with Peruvian producer of andalusite (Andalucita S.A.) in order to supply to refractory producers in Asia the best premium andalusite; DANTEK andalusite (Andalucita) is available in various sizes :

–  Andalusite Coarse 3-6mm
–  Andalusite Coarse 1-4mm
–  Andalusite Coarse 1-3mm
–  Andalusite Fine 0-1mm

With the support of our producer Andalucita S.A., DANTEK has set-up milling facilities in China in order to be able to supply to our local customers a complete range of Andalusite, including sizes used in the matrix of refractories :

• 200 mesh